Mentors and Motivators

Mentoring is a very important part of what we are involved in as educators. Whether we serve as a mentor to a colleague or a student, or perhaps we seek out a mentor to help us with challenges or simply to have a system of support in our personal and professional lives, it has a tremendous impact. Whether or not we even realize it at times, we are all serving as a mentor to someone.

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Intelligian tutoring company gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and gain confidence in their academic abilities and help them to develop a positive attitude towards a subject. We source tutors who have deep knowledge of the South African grade academic curriculum and syllabus. The tutors we provide also help their students to build academic resilience and expand their intellectual curiosity in their fields of interest.


Our Services

Whether your child is suffering from a lack of confidence in their schoolwork or needs guidance preparing for school entrance examinations, and university entrance examinations, we are here to help. Our tutors are mentors and highly experienced at guiding students through their examinations to the school of their choice. Our tutors are happy to travel to the student’s homes to conduct classes.

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