Question Why Intelligian? 

Answer Parents choose Intelligian for the following reasons: - Professional tutors and excellent academics as tutors - Competitive prices, market related - Student guaranteed improved results and constantly monitored - We offer professional reports and assessments for all grades including referrals to psychologists for advice on aptitude tests, career counselling and similar service

Question How does Intelligian recruits tutors? 

Answer Intelligian Tutors has a rigorous selection procedure. Besides the essential background checks (Verifying qualifications and collecting references) the selection process is as follows: - Tutors submit CVs and are judges on based on their experience, commitment duration (we only take tutors who can commit for over a year), personal attributes and their academic record. A motivation letter is required from each tutor before being employed and their letter are comprehensively discussed. - For the relevance of our field we only employ University students or garduates.

Question Does the tutor have the necessary qualifications and knowledge to tutor my child? 

Answer Using Intelligian Tutoring to conduct your search will guarantee they have the correct qualifications and knowledge needed to teach your child. If you are hiring a tutor specifically for an exam, we will ensure that the tutor has the requisite knowledge about the exam procedure beforehand. When hiring a tutor for your child, we will always make sure they have a Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.

Question Will my child and this tutor get along?  

Answer Our research suggests that a high challenge low threat environment, incorporating a positive and fun atmosphere, will enable children to produce better results. We recognise our tutors are role models to children, so we recruit tutors who are professional, sociable and motivational.
If you feel the tutor is not an ideal match, we will search for another tutor that meets your requirements, free of charge.

Question How will this tutor teach my child?  

Answer Children learn in different ways. A good tutor will be able to adapt to your child’s needs. You should consider the following: What teaching methods will best suit my child? How frequently will my child need tutoring? Where will they tutor my child? You can discuss this with the tutor prior to the first lesson along with any specific requirements your child has.

Question How can I help tutor my child?  

Answer Staying in regular communication with your tutor is important. Keeping session times regular and in a routine will help motivate your child. By investing the correct tutor you are already contributing to your child’s development.
Getting feedback from the tutor, being reliable, showing an interest in your child’s progress and being positive throughout your child’s educational experiences will also support the process.

Question How can I book a tutor?  

Answer You can request a tutor from us by sending an email at We are open from 8.30am-8.30pm weekdays (7pm on Saturday) or 10am-3pm Sundays, to discuss your requirements. Or contact us through our website.
After discussing your needs we will begin a search from our database for a tutor who meets all your requirements. We will contact them, explain your request and ensure they are available. The tutor takes your contact details and then calls you within approximately 48 hours of you placing the booking.
We will send you a letter or email confirming the tutor’s name and telephone number. This tutor will then call you and if you are happy, book in a time for the first lesson. There are no registration fees, payment is made to Intelligian at the beginning of each hourly session.
Intelligian Tutoring team are happy to support you through this process of booking a tutor and can take any questions to ensure you find the best tutor for you and your child’s needs.

Question What geographical areas do you cover?  

Answer Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Question Where does the tuition take place?  

Answer We try to locate tutors within a ten kilometres radius of your home so that you can receive tuition in the comfort of your own home, travel to the tutor’s home nearby or agree a mutually convenient location. Please let us know your preference for where you would like tuition to take place and we will try and accommodate your needs.

Question How often should I have a lesson?  

Answer Lessons usually take place on a weekly basis for two hours at a time. However, this can be altered to ensure that the needs of your child are met. We always suggest that you start with a trial lesson to ensure that a rapport is established between your child and the tutor.
You are under no obligation to have a set number of lessons, although continuity of teaching will ensure your child reaches their full potential.

Question Do I have to book a course of lessons?  

Answer No. We are very flexible and offer a “pay as you go” approach. You just pay Intelligian Tutoring at the beginning of each hourly session.

Question Can I change the tutor that I have been allocated?  

Answer Yes. If at any time you find that the tuition/tutor is not suitable for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact the agency so that other arrangements can be made.

Question What do I do about payment?  

Answer We don’t charge any registration fees. You pay the Intelligian at the beginning of each lesson in cash or by cheque. BACS payments should be discussed and agreed with Intelligian administration.