I am an MSc (Physics) graduate of the University of the Western Cape (UWC). While I was a Masters student, I worked as a tutor coordinator and also as a Laboratory demonstrator for the first year physics course. As a tutor coordinator my responsibilities were to train tutors and prepare them for tutorial and give lectures whenever the lecturer was not available. I also did administration work such as preparing assignments and tests, marking and capturing marks. In my Honours I did a project at iThemba LABS where I made beam targets to be used in a nuclear physics experiment and also analysed the extracted data. My master's degree was a combination of nuclear and particle physics, it mainly focused on beta decays and gamma-ray analysis. My Masters Dissertation title is ‘Analysis and simulation to obtain the weak magnetism term in 22Na beta decay'. I have presented my Masters Research work at the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) 2015 conference and also at the 5th Tastes of Nuclear Physics 2015 conference. I have used various computer programmes in my Honours and Masters levels such as Matlab, c++ and FORTRAN.

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    Mathematical Literacy,
    Physical Science
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    40 Km Radius