It is with great pleasure to present my resume to you for a position as a Chemistry Teacher. I am a graduate who has got a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh Scotland, a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) from the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) and an Honors in Chemistry from the University of the Free State. Presently I am working as a Chemistry Teacher at Dasman Bilingual School in Kuwait. As a hardworking and dedicated teaching professional, I am confident in my ability to become a valuable member of your academic team. With over ten years of hands-on teaching experience in the classroom, my enclosed resume will demonstrate my commitment to education, excellent leadership skills, and my passion for academics. It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to your school district and larger community. The nature of my work in education has prepared me for this position. My interest in Chemistry stimulated me to lead a project on Home Made Acids and Bases. A key part of my career is helping students reach their potential, which I work towards by focusing on Chemistry when teaching. As shown by my experience in schools, experience gained in leading global schools and companies, I am enthusiastic about education and always strive to do the best for my students. I am able to take on responsibility for learning and have experience of successfully managing classes. I also have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of this role. I possess the ability to remain calm, patient, and persistent. I administer frequent assessments, communicate regularly with parents, and adapt instructional techniques to facilitate students’ changing goals and needs. Being a versatile educator, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach an academically and socially diverse group of children from grades ten to twelve. I have developed excellent communication, interpersonal, organization, and problem-solving skills, which enable me to teach any High School grade level effectively. I have proven my ability to adapt quickly to a changing student population while maintaining a well-behaved and focused learning environment. My teaching style is very flexible and student-focused. I take the time to get to know my students as individuals, which allows me to tailor my instruction according to their unique learning goals. I design adaptable lesson plans, exciting hands-on activities, and engaging thematic units to spark students’ interest, attention, and imagination. My greatest strength as an educator is my capability to engage the class actively and by integrating exciting technology, meaningful manipulatives, and cooperative learning projects, I have been able to provide students with a well-balanced educational experience, which promoted academic, social, cognitive, and physical development. Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in future. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely, Lethoke Judas Kgaphola Fax No: +27 86 662 0687 Mobile: +27 60 421 6032 Skype: Lethoke Judas Kgaphola WhatsApp: +27 60 421 6032 E- mail :

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